About the charities we support

Fondo de conservación el Triunfo


El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve protects the large great remaining cloud forest in Mexico. It is an amazing ecosystem, home of thousands of species and key region for migratory birds, however it also located in one of the poorest region in the country. FONCET is a local NGO, with 14 years of experience, working in the conservation of the reserve while promoting sustainable development for the people living in the area. We work in four areas: environmental education, food and water security, supporting the establishment of local business, and forest conservation; all under a watershed approach. We need your help to keep up the work and to incorporate more communities. Every donation counts.

To know more about Fondo de conservación el Triunfo, please visit: http://fondoeltriunfo.org/english/

Fundación JUCONI


Street-involved children and families affected by violence and poverty are among the most vulnerable population in Mexico. For more than 26 years, Fundación JUCONI provides a high variety of activities from personalized educational-therapeutic interventions to interactive, free play time sessions to roughly 350 children and 120 families with the purpose of strengthening interfamilial relations, heal the impact of domestic violence and finally prevent that these children end up living and working on the streets of Mexico.

To know more about Fundación JUCONI, please visit: https://www.juconi.org.mx/en/

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