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At the Mimosa Company, we willingly help others with love and conviction. Every time you buy Mimosa hostilis products from us, part of the proceeds goes to projects that help make our planet a better place.

Want to save thriving forests? Help underprivileged children get out of violent living circumstances? Or do you prefer to support projects of sustainable harvesting of natural resources that help improve the living conditions of local farmers and indigenous communities? You choose!

Remember that a positive change, no matter its size, can change an entire life. At the Mimosa Company, we have been committed to those small changes since our founding.

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Meet the causes we support

Protecting one of the last cloud forests in the world

FONCET - Fondo de conservación El Triunfo (El Triunfo Conservation Fund)


The Mimosa Company


El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve protects one of the last remaining cloud forests in Mexico and the world. Cloud forests, also called water forests or tropical montane cloud forests are incredibly unique, scarce, and hard to find, rich in biodiversity, and endangered.

El Triunfo is located in Chiapas, Southern Mexico. This reserve is home to the largest feline on the American continent: the jaguar. It’s also home base to species such as the puma, tapir, horned guan, quetzal and considered a key region for migratory birds.

However, this area rich in biodiversity is also one of the poorest regions in the country. FONCET, El Triunfo Conservation Fund is a local NGO that has actively been working on the conservation of the Reserve and other sites of great value in the state of Chiapas, while promoting the sustainable development of the inhabitants of this area since 2002.

FONCET action lines are: environmental education, conservation, water management, projects of sustainable harvesting of natural resources and social development. With your purchase, you are supporting the conservation of nature for current and future generations. Every donation counts!


Ensuring a childhood with dignity and free of violence

JUCONI Foundation (Fundación JUCONI)

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Street children and families affected by violence and poverty are part of the most vulnerable populace in Mexico. For a healthy upbringing and full development, children and teenagers require secure attachment. For over 30 years, Fundación JUCONI has worked to find solutions that let children, teenagers and their families permanently leave the streets and reincorporate into society, building dignified,

How does it work? JUCONI offers activities from interventions in educational programs, personalized therapies, to interactive game sessions. The activities focus on the strengthening of interfamilial relationships, the prevention of children ending up living and working on the streets of Mexico, and treat the impact of domestic violence.

JUCONI has been renowned by the Mexican Government, the Inter-American Development Bank, UNICEF, Fundación ALAS and, others. Every year, JUCONI works with 350 children, teenagers, and their families (approximately 120). The JUCONI Institute, advices and provides training to over 600 social workers, teachers and therapists from more than 160 governmental and non-governmental Mexican and foreign organizations, which extends its help to reach over 12 thousand children, adolescents and their families.

With your purchase, you are helping to strengthen the society and ensure valued childhoods. Even the smallest donation makes a difference!


A summary of our impact

The benefits are for them too


The Mimosa Company

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