1. Mimosa hostilis: a vegetable-based alternative for tanning leather

    Mimosa hostilis

    Leather tanning with vegetable methods is a more environmentally friendly, creative, and handmade option. We explain how to tan leather with Mimosa hostilis.


    1. The chemistry and tradition behind Mimosa hostilis tanning
    2. How to extract the tannins from Mimosa hostilis?
    3. Step by step: Tanning the vegetable with Mimosa hostilis
    4. One last tip: How to preserve the fur with Mimosa hostilis


    Mimosa hostilis extract has ideal properties for tanning leather. This is known by some craftsmen, traders, researchers and artists, however, the information available is limited. To explore this use further, we took the time to interview experts, consult sources and share this technique with you. Would you

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  2. Mimosa hostilis: a natural choice for fabric dyeing

    Mimosa hostilis

    Did you know that Mimosa hostilis can be used as a textile dye? Extracts from its bark give fabrics yellow to ochre and even reddish colours. The results are unique and unrepeatable and depend on the concentration and type of textiles used.


    1.  Textile dyeing plants

    2.  Use as a colour fixer (mordants)

    3.  Experiments with Mimosa hostilis dye

    4.  How to dye textiles with vegetable dyes?

    5.  How to dye textiles with Mimosa hostilis

    6.  Always take note!


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