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About The Mimosa Company

We are fascinated by Mimosa hostilis! This tree, which in Mexico is better known as Tepezcohuite, has played an important role in pre-Hispanic cultures. Many of the traditions and applications of the ancient cultures of Mimosa hostilis are still found in the everyday life in Latin America: among with healing of wounds and injuries, to make tea, fabric dye, use in ceremonies by local tribes and even to feed goats. Our background and the Latin American heritage is the keystone of our business. We find strength in our quality products and the stories behind it. It’s our mission to share this special shrub with the world, while contributing to the preservation of this tree and its cultural traditions.

All the above moves us to invest in local farmers and producers. We strive for a prolonged relationship; among others by working together to invest in seeds and other goods required for a sustainable offer for our customers. Our Mimosa hostilis is harvested by a community of indigenous farmers who belong to the Zoque and Tzoltzil tribes in the south east of Mexico. They use traditional methods of production instead of chemical fertiliser or pesticide products. Since the Tepezcohuite tree naturally grows in this region, it occurs here a lot. Most of the Mimosa hostilis is therefore harvested and collected in the wild, in the more than 370 hectares, owned by these farmers. In addition, they ensure to replant sufficient crops to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Other plants harvested by this community are for example: Mango, Noni, Moringa, Calea zacatechichi, Stevia and Salvia Divinorum. We are proud that we, despite the large distance, preserve a personal relationship with the farmers and producers and that we know who they are and what they do.

By working together with our partner companies, we can save not only on transportation and customs clearance charges, but also achieve larger consignments. All this means that we, in conjunction with our import strategy, can guarantee products of the highest quality at very competitive prices.


We are the only company on the market that offers MHRB in 4 variants: grounded, finely shredded, coarse shredded and larger pieces of root bark. By doing this we have grown from a small player in the market, to one of the biggest importers, within a few years. Already we’ve sent orders to dozens of countries worldwide* and pleased more than hundreds of customers with our products.

* For large international orders (outside Europe), it’s possible to dispatch by our partner companies directly from Mexico.

What makes our products special

1) THE BEST DEAL We offer Mimosa hostilis rootbark of the highest quality at the most competitive price.

2) TIME TO EMPOWER OTHERS With the purchase of our products you help to build on the future of indigenous farmers in the poorest regions of Mexico.

3) GIVE WHILE YOU RECEIVE Part of the profit from your purchase goes to a non-profit organization of your choice.*

We’ve done some of the leg-work for you and have an approved list of incredible NGO’s who are doing great work in their communities.

We believe it’s more rewarding to give back than to receive. But when you can do both... everyone wins!

Order today and help us build on a prosperous future for indigenous farmers and Mimosa hostilis from Mexico!


If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. We are glad to help!

Kind regards,

The Mimosa Company Team

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