About The Mimosa Company

About The Mimosa Company

The Mimosa Company specializes in fair and sustainable trade of Mimosa hostilis. We are a company that comprehends the benefits and properties of this tree. We look after every step in the life cycle of our product: from its source, by whom and how it is grown, to the processing, quality control, packaging, and export. We have a direct and lasting relationship with the producers who care for the trees and we monitor every step to ensure that the extraction of the Mimosa hostilis bark is carried out sustainably.

When buying Mimosa hostilis with us we guarantee:

Quality. You will be provided with a product with the quality, purity, and characteristics you require so that your industrial, retail, or artisan projects will have your desired result.

Sustainability. We use environmentally friendly methods that permit the specie´s conservation. We do not use chemicals and the extraction procedures ensure that the tree fulfills its recovery cycle, prolonging its life cycle, without threatening the species.

Empowerment of communities. We help build a better future for local farmers in the poorest regions of Mexico. With fair payments, no middlemen, and investment in their land, the impact extends to their families and communities.

Social responsibility. We believe that it is more rewarding to give than to receive, but if you can do both everyone wins! When purchasing a product from us, a part of the proceeds is donated to one of our associated charities of your choice.

Our roots and relationship with Latin America are the cornerstones that lead The Mimosa Company. Honoring this connection entails recovering the ancestral knowledge of the tepezcohuite or jurema preta (as it is known in Mexico and Brazil), but also nourishing the lands, the species, and the people that take care of them.

We are present throughout the entire production process, ensuring that this procedure is executed in a fair manner to the environment and the people involved in it. How do we do this? We have created ties with local farmers and producers in southern Mexico. We empower them with work and investment and safeguard our connection with them through constant communication and personal visits. This way we manage to monitor the process and make continual improvements. We protect the land and the species by promoting traditional farming methods, taking care of its recovery cycles without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and keeping an eye on the rainy and dry seasons. We do not support monocultures because we understand that diversifying crops helps in the protection of ecological cycles. Some of the species that grow alongside our Mimosa hostilis are mango, cactus, noni, moringa, peanut, corn, calea zacatechichi, stevia, and salvia divinorum.

Mimosa hostilis

Mimosa tenuiflora (syn. Mimosa hostilis) is a strong and resilient species, which can easily adapt to changing circumstances; like the extreme weather typical to a tropical deciduous forest. Nevertheless, a decline of the species was observed in Mexico in the late 80s. With the recent rise in popularity of Tepezcohuite, we are concerned by the increasing number of producers and sellers who do not respect or understand the recovery cycles of the tree. To increase their short-term sales they recur to reckless extraction of Mimosa hostilis root bark. A short-term solution in which they sacrifice the tree which threatens the species, (just) to obtain more bark for their own benefit. At The Mimosa Company we condemn these business practices and we take pride in knowing that this is one of the qualities that has differentiated us from other vendors since our foundation.

Why do customers choose us? Our direct contact with the source ensures quality control, which provides our customers with the confidence , that they will receive a pure product without alterations. In addition, we continually expand our knowledge about the scopes of Mimosa tenuiflora through research, and interviews with traditional experts and scientists. We have also had the privilege to collaborate on some industrial and scientific projects from our clients over the years. We are excited about the learning process that comes from these collaborations, since it has allowed us to closely explore the diverse uses of tepezcohuite, the technical requirements for its different applications, as well as the ways in which it is processed. Unlike other suppliers who focus solely on its alkaloid content, we seek to rescue the ancestral, curative and artisanal knowledge of this wonderful tree. We want to share with you the complete story of the versatility and benefits of the tepezcohuite. We are proud and grateful for the loyalty of our clients who have accompanied us from the beginning. Your trust in The Mimosa Company drives us to maintain and improve our production standards.

Thanks to these collaborations, we know that not all uses, projects, and needs are the same. That is why we offer Mimosa hostilis root bark in four forms: powder, finely shredded, coarsely shredded, and in big chunks. Knowing and satisfying the demand of our customers is not only our motivation, but it has also made us one of the largest importers of this plant in only a few years, reaching dozens of countries.

We are convinced that the aspiration of a good business should not only be financial gain but that it also pays back socially. For this reason, since the launch of our online store in 2017, The Mimosa Company has supported two NGOs that work with vulnerable populations and environmental protection, and we hope to support more soon. Every time you purchase our products, part of the profits is donated to one of these organizations and you get to choose who to support.

Thanks for your trust in The Mimosa Company!

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